7×12 inch plate,  on 15×20 inch paper. This is an edition of 10 hand printed and signed limited edition etchings. Work ships flat, and unframed

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Some older work pulled out from the archives; this was when I was really starting to get in to combining different media together via chincolle, and thinking a great deal about memory, photographs, and how thsoe two related through the use of drawing and family images. This image has an image of my grandparents faded into the background; obscured by other ideas, drawing and colour, they still remain as deep traces.

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Package Weight .25 lbs
Package Dimensions 16 × 20 × 0.5 in
Image size

17×12 inch

Paper size

15×20 inches

Framing suggestions

This image sits comfortably in a 16×20 inch mat – white matboard and a 16×20 inch frame in blond or dark wood will work well depending on if you want to emphasize the colour more (blond wood) or the darker tones (black frame).