Project: Migration/Shift phase

These works look at individual memory in relation to a larger network of individuals, of social memory over time. The vessels depicted in the work carry information and encoded textual meaning; each vessel can be described as the embodiment of one identity, carrying with it memories, codified behaviours, expectations and cultural meaning within a fragile vessel . Each of us each of us carries imprints gleaned from the social context in which we live — we carry individual and collective history forward within us.

Over time, we encounter new material and information, create new memories and contribute to the larger context. Self-identity is always in a state of slow transition. As part of this process, we also lose immediate access to older information. We forget, or bury, older memories and behaviours that are not relevant or fall into disuse. This information is still there, and still may influence us on a subconscious level, but we may lose conscious access to it or disregard it in favour of the new.

We all fit into a larger picture — our singular experiences and memories contribute to a more fluid, dispersed societal memory. These vessels are, for the most part, moving in the same direction but remain separate. We are not always fully in control of where life takes us or what happens along the way; identity and life is continually in a state of flux as interconnections form, change, or disappear between individuals.