Project: Monotype works - erosion

Time passing generates the history and identity associated with place. My mark-making process in these monotype prints is intended to make the work, like landscape, feel as though it has existed for millennia. Drops from pools of inky water, and traces of where it evaporated remain, leaving patterning and reticulation. These remnants fascinate me. They resemble waters’ passage through the world in the form of rivers and streams. Searching out and tracing these marks in order to divine their history references water as a source of my inspiration in this work. There is a duality to water’s presence, as well as constant motion. Northern ice, soil erosion or storms may be unsettling, even dangerous, but one cannot live without water. My experience of the Drumheller badlands in Alberta, the inspiration for many of these images, is as a place where the direct effect of water’s impact on the surrounding landscape can be felt.