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Memory Landscape, at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

Memory Landscape is currently up at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie till Sept 9th, 2018. My work as well as art by Bettina Matzkuhn is in Galleries 1 and 2, with work by Monique Martin and Jeroen Witvliet in Galleries 3 and 4. This is a four person show curated by Derrick Chang, centered […]

The Farthest Shore

The exhibition The Farthest Shore is currently up at the Robert F Agrella Art Gallery in Santa Rosa California till March 15th 2018. This is a 6-person show curated by Hannah Skoonberg, printmaking faculty at Santa Rosa Junior College. The exhibition includes work from well known American and international printmakers Olesya Dzhuraeva, Jenny Robinson, Nicole […]

Divining setup

Stop motion video of the setup for divining at the Ewing Gallery, University of Tennessee. Audio is a selection taken from the music provided for the installation by Alex Gray. You can hear the full track (Alberta), and his related work done after on spotify.


Print installation, 15×15 in squares. Full scale size of 9×72 ft flat. Monotype, digital print, silkscreen, etching, sound. Work is modular and can be installed differently according to the space it is in.