An Exercise in Listening April 23, 2021

An Excercise in Listening, curated by Meghan Hunter-Gauthier, is finally up at Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George BC, from now untill July 4th 2021. My piece divining is included, as is some beautiful work by Ruth Cuthand, Annie Dunning, and Genevieve Robertson. Stop by the gallery to check work out in person, or online check out the photo and video documentation of the exhibition here on or my Instagram account.

“Through sculpture, sonic art, video, drawing and printmaking, An Exercise in Listening explores themes such as place, change, ignorance, and deep engagement. This exhibition aims to provoke reflection on climate change and human environmental impact upon our fresh water resources. Freshwater health, access, security, and biodiversity are all impacted by climate change – a global crisis that has been known for over thirty years. Yet, in spite of a multitude of warnings form scientists, politicians, artists, and everyday people, humanity largely remains on a capitalist trajectory defined by growth and resource extraction. In response to our current predicament, this exhibition asks how each of us can do a better job of listening to the planet and to each other.” (

Installation view, An Exercise in Listening (April 23 – July 4, 2021), at Two Rivers Gallery. Photo: D. Rigo Media