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Currents focuses specifically on the link between the metro area of the city of Edmonton, and the glacial headwaters of the North Saskatchewan, contrasting urban river spaces, industry, and policy making spaces. In both installations, imagery is clearly composed of fragments, individual moments, taken from disparate times and places which have been brought together. The […]

Glacial echoes

These works focus on the changes present in the landscape of the Rocky Mountains; while researching locations and traveling to the mountains for flux, I was able to compare archive imagery of those same places. The difference between the experience of being in that space and the older imagery was striking – in some places […]


Flux is an installation project, consisting of large-format silk panels, and sound elements. The panels form a continuous image; screen-prints of photo montages created from imagery taken along Alberta’s river systems. Images flow from the Bow in Calgary back into the headwaters at the Bow Glacier, from the Columbia Icefeilds and the Saskatchewan Glacier back […]


Included are a variety of works addressing erosion, patterns of water along rivers and bodies of water, and more abstract lines. Works include a few monotypes, mezzotint, some etchings, and digital printmaking.


This installation project examines our dual relationship with place, which is embedded deeply in our experiences, and the process of searching for identity within that framework. At the same time, human beings spending time in a location also inevitably changes the place itself; each receives an impression of the other. Much how water subtly changes […]

shift[ing], floe, and passages

Two of these artist books share a similar large format, looking at some of the images taken in St. Johns, Newfoundland, and images taken in the Drumheller badlands, as well as images that have been manipulated and changed for each. The large print size allows for small details and a sense of the scale of […]

Monotype works - erosion

Time passing generates the history and identity associated with place. My mark-making process in these monotype prints is intended to make the work, like landscape, feel as though it has existed for millennia. Drops from pools of inky water, and traces of where it evaporated remain, leaving patterning and reticulation. These remnants fascinate me. They […]

Located Space

This work addresses how memory and a connection to spatial places contribute to identity through use of photographic imagery taken in and around St. John’s and other places. We remember place, and can connect to the notion of location deeply. Experiences within such spaces subtly shape our personal history. Spatial memory is one of the […]

Work from St. Michaels

St. Michael’s residency, May-June 2014: The fifteen plates here were created and editioned during my stay at St. Michael’s Printshop, in St. John’s, NL. I had a lot of fun over the month I was there seeing the surrounding area. I was able to see icebergs close up, and it was fascinating to see them […]

Inner Topographies

This is a series of prints investigating intimate spaces, which imply but do not necessarily show a figurative presence. The abstraction of the images, hovering between traditional landscape and something else, portrays traces of relationships and deeper personal bonds between human beings. This body of work also includes a collaborative artist book project, with text […]

Migration/Shift phase

These works look at individual memory in relation to a larger network of individuals, of social memory over time. The vessels depicted in the work carry information and encoded textual meaning; each vessel can be described as the embodiment of one identity, carrying with it memories, codified behaviours, expectations and cultural meaning within a fragile […]


Our understanding of what constitutes ‘place’ is coloured by emotion, and the memories attached to it. The structures in which we live and work, and in which our experiences and feelings take place become imbed in our psyches, and establish a lasting impression. For this reason, a building, or a place, the people who were […]

Letters to

This projects consists of a book work (and a few prints) which use Franz Kafka’s Letter to his Father as a starting point for the imagery. These images are centered around our own understanding of what constitutes place: where we fit into the world physically and emotionally. This perception is coloured by emotion, and the […]

of home

This work looks at the transformation of home. At times a comforting place, at times outgrown, or a dead house, missing those elements that made a house a home, the recent work examines this push pull between the relationship of the individual to the space of an imagined, metaphorical place. Memory and the physical spaces […]