Project: Adrift

Our understanding of what constitutes ‘place’ is coloured by emotion, and the memories attached to it. The structures in which we live and work, and in which our experiences and feelings take place become imbed in our psyches, and establish a lasting impression. For this reason, a building, or a place, the people who were part of that continue to change and persist in consciousness long after the physical counterpart has eased to exist — we bring these impressions and memories with us and internalize them.

What can we learn through looking beyond familiar into the unknown? Though still connected, we seek to form new relationships; see interconnections between people and place. The images allow the viewer to feel the resonance between themselves and others, to think of the connections and relationships between people and places that anchor us, even when the places we remember, imagine, or discover, have no physical form. The works presented here invite the viewer to imagine themselves along this path, to wonder at previously unknown connections between people, place, and a search for meaning and connection. We feel the intangible memories we carry with us, when traveling between islands and along shores unknown.

Sunken in

Etching, collograph

Paper size: 22×32 in
plate size: 18×24 in
Edition: 3

Drawn in

Paper size: 8×10 in
plate size: 4×4 in
Edition: 7

Spun out

Etching, silkscreen, mezzotint, chin colle, digital.

Paper size: 20×32 in
plate size: 11×14 in
Edition: 5