This installation project examines our dual relationship with place, which is embedded deeply in our experiences, and the process of searching for identity within that framework. Human beings also inevitably change the place they are in; each receives an impression of the other. Much how water subtly changes a location, human beings continually interact with the places they live, and both are inexorably transformed.

As our bodies enter the landscape of divining, the fragile paper is disturbed, making it move and rustle. The papers along the wall exist at the intersection of multiplicity and originality. Combined, they present as a single piece, as though seeing an aerial view of landscape, or the division of a survey map. My work functions as both whole and fragment, exposing its vulnerability to disruption. A rupture in the illusion of wholeness occurs where we can see the edges of the papers, revealing movement. The fragility of the material begins to reference my own experience of place as a series of multiple, fragmentary, subjective moments, or even as longing for those places. It also questions how we equate bodies and landscape as each touches on and interacts with the other. As one moves about the space the work disconnects from the whole and is experienced as a series of fragmentary moments. I consider this work to be a creation of such moments brought together in one place, informed by thoughts of desire, longing, and a search for completion.

For the sound component of the work, I was able to collaborate with Ryan Stennes (who provided interactive components in the Ewing install only) and Alex Gray, who composed the ambient track which loops and accompanies the work (more of Alex’s work, including the full Alberta track can be found on spotify)

For more information please see the exhibition catalogue, or view video documentation at vimeo

April 1, 2016

Print installation, 15×15 in squares. Full scale size of 9×72 ft flat. Monotype, digital print, silkscreen, etching, sound. Work is modular and can be installed differently according to the space it is in.

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